Here are the major programs of the Corozal Bay Sailing Club (CBSC).

Youth Sailing Program

The Corozal Bay Youth Sailing Program, part of the Corozal Bay Sailing Club (CBSC), teaches introductory sailing skills for young Belizean sailors between the ages of 9 and 14.

We are currently accepting applications for the next group of Youth Sailors. Children must be between the ages of 10 to 12 years old. They must be able to swim. They must be in good standing at school. Interviews will be held with children and their parents or guardians. Sailing classes will begin in February 2013 or as soon as we have 6 qualified candidates selected.

Benefits of Youth Sailing Program:

Sailing is a wonderful sport that many people enjoy well into their adult years. Sailing promotes a healthy body, provides a break from school routines and gives opportunities to make new friends.

There are several benefits to sailing, which include improving hand-eye coordination, balance, and greatly improving upper and lower body strength. Other benefits are hand and finger strength, and the ability to sharpen quick thinking skills. Many kids who become heavily involved in sailing become highly interested in the weather so they learn the weather patterns as well as wind patterns. Many children who enjoy sailing also have high levels of independence and self-esteem.

Kids who excel in sailing need to have good water skills as well as be able to swim very well. Children must not be afraid to fall into the water; they must be able to handle the situation in a calm and controlled manner. Sailing requires thinking about multiple conditions simultaneously. Children who enjoy taking risks typically enjoy sailing a lot. This sport tends to attract people who are very mathematical and analytical.

Sailing represents a challenge – a new thing to learn and master. Meeting the challenge helps develop brain neural pathways. Success in meeting the challenge develops confidence and personal development. Children will learn organizational and risk management skills useful in their day to day life now and as an adult. Racing puts pressure on knowledge and cements the learning process. Racing in local and international Regattas is what we want the youth sailors to have as a goal.

The best beginning types of boats are Sunfish, Optimist, Hobie Cat and Laser. They are small, and typically have only one sail and are much easier for a small child to learn to handle without major difficulties. Our Club has 3 Optimist class sailboats, which are used in our Corozal Bay Youth Sailing Program.

Adult Sailing Program

The Adult Sailing Program aims to teach our adult members basic sailing skills on a variety of sailboats.

The first training session was held in November 2011, using our Flying Scot. Sessions are being developed for training on Hobie Cat Getaways and Laser Picos. The Flying Scot is currently dry-docked for repairs and we will resume lessons after the restoration is complete.

To register for the training sessions please contact the CBSC.