As you are aware, our children are isolating themselves into a world of electronic fantasy. The Corozal Bay Sailing Club, along with your help, can break this cycle by introducing these kids to the beauty of our environment while teaching them life skills. Besides sailing skills, the kids learn weather factors, communication techniques, social abilities, discipline, dedication, math, science, reading, and competitivenessl. And it takes them away from X-Box lethargy and thumb exercises!

We are asking you to please consider us in your 2017 charity budget. Our area is underserved, and is in need of your aid.

Our immediate needs include purchasing Laser sailboats for older sailors, 15 and over. The cost is $7,000 USD. This is an Olympic class boat that you will see this summer in Rio, being sailed by women and men.

Thanks to our Sponsors

We would especially like to thank the following sponsors who have been so generous this year:

  • Atlantic Insurance
  • Belize Electric Limited (BEL)
  • Consejo Shores Ltd
  • David Scott
  • Emilio Ahmad and Sons and Daughters
  • Frank’s Meat Products
  • Happy Cow
  • Irene Huang
  • Madisco Marketing and Distribution Co Ltd
  • Prosser — Agrotec Co Ltd
  • Uno Service Station, Corozal
  • Vital Nature & Mayan Tours
  • YNot Bakery

And to our Donors:

  • A & R Corozal
  • Alma’s Beauty
  • Al’s Cafe
  • Archangel Medical Center
  • Atlantic Bank
  • Beth Fellows
  • Caribbean Chicken
  • Centaur Cable
  • Cerros Beach Resort
  • Cerros Sands Resort — Bill and Jen
  • Contour Cement Products
  • Corozal Belize Properties — Karen Wilkinson
  • Corozal Clinical Lab
  • Crooked Tree Ranch and B&B
  • C’s Pharmacy
  • Evergreen Pharmacy
  • Jeff Hilbrecht
  • Hairways by Lourdes
  • House of Pain
  • LeRoy Training
  • Las Palmas hotel
  • Lydia’s Plaza & Gift Shop
  • Marc Nadreau, MD, DC
  • Mi Pizzaria
  • Northern Heat
  • Print Shop — Ink Shop
  • Professional Clinical Laborotories
  • RFG Insurance — Rose Vasquez
  • Riverol’s Furnature World
  • San Fa Construction
  • Silver House — Marcus Gonzales
  • Sound Warehouse — Mr Ruban
  • Tony’s Beach Resort and Inn
  • Vinkey’s Restaurant

Please help us

With our combined efforts we can guide our children along a healthier, more productive road for success. Contact us to become a Sponsor or Donor, or just to help out as you can. Thank you for your consideration.

— Gerard Cordts, Commodore